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New face made!

I’ve been looking at the face that I had put into A Dose of Humor, and wasn’t particularly keen on it.  I like it as the app icon, but as the in-app face it was a little lacking.  I’ve created a new one.  I was able to layer the views to put the eyeballs behind the sockets for a more realistic look.  I am currently working on making the eyebrows go up and down, and give a Spock-like look as well.


New Host!

The old hosting site was due for a renewal, at which time the provider was wanting triple the rate from when I signed up, so I’ve moved to a new hosting site.

Unbeknownst to me, WordPress keeps all pertinent data in a MySQL database.  I was able to download the “web” site, but the database got lost in the shuffle and I am now re-creating this site/blog.

It was due for a change anyway.  I was pretty tired of the old look, so over the next few weeks this site may change appearance.