New face made!

I’ve been looking at the face that I had put into A Dose of Humor, and wasn’t particularly keen on it.  I like it as the app icon, but as the in-app face it was a little lacking.  I’ve created a new one.  I was able to layer the views to put the eyeballs behind the sockets for a more realistic look.  I am currently working on making the eyebrows go up and down, and give a Spock-like look as well.


100 jokes recorded!

I’ve been working on an iPhone app for over a year.  This app will tell you a new joke every day that you launch the app.  Bundled with the app will be maybe 50 or 75 or 100 jokes already in the database.  I haven’t decided how many to include initially.

What will happen is once you launch the app, or pull it from the background, it will query a database and if you have not downloaded a joke today, and there are newer jokes available for you, one will be downloaded and played for you.

I’m writing this app in such a way so that I can change up the theme with minimal programming changes.  I plan on releasing one that will tell you a quote from the bible, or maybe an affirmation.  I thought I would start with something silly, like telling jokes.   All the jokes are intended for all audiences, all ages so will be fun for everyone.  Some of them will be very cheesy, but hey, some of those are the best ones.

The main programming has been completed, now it is just a matter of sitting down and recording a few hundred jokes, so the app will be self sustaining for a year or so.

I’ve gone with a paid version, as opposed to a version that has advertisements.  Or, maybe I should do a Freemium version.  Free that might contain the intro of 50 jokes, but in order to download the daily dose of humor you’ll need to update to the .99 cent version.


New Host!

The old hosting site was due for a renewal, at which time the provider was wanting triple the rate from when I signed up, so I’ve moved to a new hosting site.

Unbeknownst to me, WordPress keeps all pertinent data in a MySQL database.  I was able to download the “web” site, but the database got lost in the shuffle and I am now re-creating this site/blog.

It was due for a change anyway.  I was pretty tired of the old look, so over the next few weeks this site may change appearance.