Good news!

Apple has approved my new app “A Dose of Humor” and it is now available on the app store for 99 cents.  I chose a paid app as I personally don’t like all the ads that pop up in many of the free apps.  It detracts from the fun you are supposed to get from the app itself.

They app comes pre-loaded with 35 jokes, and for every day that you launch or activate the app a new joke will be downloaded from a cloud database.  I currently have 94 jokes in the cloud db, and am uploading new jokes all the time to add to them.

Plus, I will be taking submissions submitted to Facebook or Twitter to add to the joke pile, so anyone can submit to have their joke told.  If a recorded joke is submitted and is deemed appropriate (this is a family friendly app), and the audio quality is decent, I’ll add the joke told by you to the pile as well.

Should be lots of fun!  Link below to view in iTunes.