Download to and read from local datastore.

After being painfully sick for almost a week, I was finally able to get back into the rewrite of my wife’s app.
I had previously changed it so it would pull down images and other files from a cloud database at Yesterday I was able to take those files and add them to a local datastore. This happens when the app is first launched. The files are iterated through and anything not found in the local datastore is added, so as we add photos later, these will be automatically downloaded.
I was also able to change the two UICollectionView pages to read from the local datastore instead of downloading the images every time the app is loaded. This makes for a much faster and smoother experience when scrolling through the photo collections on the two tabs that have photos.

Next steps:  Do the same for the show list that connects to a UITableView to show upcoming shows that my wife will be at, or events of note where she will be.