Getting back in!

It’s been a while since I looked at or did any programming in iOS and Swift.  I’m going to make a point of getting in and programming something (at least that is the goal) once a day.  Even if I just add a single line of code, or jot down ideas for a new app, something has to be done.  I like programming and hope to build myself a nice portfolio of apps available in the Apple App Store.  I just plague

Today I am revisiting my Daily Blessing app.  I had completed programming it (for the most part) and need to record everything that will go into it.  That’s just a matter of getting over being self-conscious about recording my own voice.

That and I plan on trying to promote my other app, “Daily Dose of Humor“, that starts with something like 100 recorded jokes for your listening pleasure (all G Rated), and every day that you launch the app it will download another joke.  You can also record your own and store them locally, and if you are logged into iCloud they will save to the cloud and once approved will be made available for anyone to listen to.  Pretty cool right?

More to come.

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