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Realm Database.

I started with the Santa Tracker in the Realm tutorial section.

Everything was going grand, until step 5, running the app after adding all the Realm pods.  It was then I got some CPP error about

m_notifier = std::make_shared<_impl::ResultsNotifier>(*this); “No viable overloaded ‘=’.”

I did some searching and didn’t find anyone who resolved this, but goto to thinking.  This tutorial was put out there in Dec. 2016, so is a little older.

One of the steps asked to add the following to the pod init file:
pod ‘RealmSwift’, ‘2.1.0’

So, I went into the init file and removed the specification for 2.1.0, and then did “pod update”.
RealmSwift 3.1.1 installed, and the terminal error was removed.

Happy happy!

Using Realm

I’ve been using Core Data and CloudKit for most of my projects, and I’m going to give Realm a look.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about Realm, and they have a new (new to me anyway) system with Realm Platform for auto-syncing your data.

That intrigues me.  I’m working on an app, that provides inspirational and motivational quotes.  I know, there are a butt-ton of apps like that out there already.  How many are recorded though and not just text you have to read?

I’m working on recording these quotes/sayings/proverbs, and with Realm and the auto-syncing, it may make it more streamlined for the user experience, without delays downloading.  We shall see.